Capitals Possible Trade Rumors


Capitals Possible Trade Rumors

                Currently I am hearing from various sources that a trade has gone through for the Washington Capitals.  No one knows who for sure.  Best Speculation is that it is Chimera.  GM George Mcphee has promised to have a press conference at 3:30PM EST, but the deal may not be complete until 4PM.

Chimera has been a member of the Washington Capitals since 2009 and has been a key role player in their recent post season runs, including the Presidents Trophy in 2009-2010.

Capitals have said to be in the need for another center to pair with Marcus Johansson and to create a deeper lines one through three. While the trade is uncertain whether it includes Chimera, many sources have reported his name as a possible dealing point for the Capitals moving forward.

**Updated 4:00pm: The newest rumors surrounding the Washington Capitals are Chimera for Drew Stafford from Buffalo and a compensated draft pick.

**Updated 4:35pm: The newest rumors surrounding the Washington Capitals are that the deal has been made, however it will not be leaked until players involved are notified. Said to be involving Nashville.

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