Purdue Wins Dumbest Uniform Idea, Uses Selfies for Logo

Tiny images of Purdue fans will adorn Boilermakers football helmets this season.(Photo: Associated Press)

Tiny images of Purdue fans will adorn Boilermakers football helmets this season.(Photo: Associated Press)

Purdue Wins Dumbest Uniform Idea, Uses Selfies for Logo

Step aside Maryland and Oregon, the new “thing” in college uniforms is here, and it’s using hashtags and selfies.

Purdue season ticket holders were notified during the renewal process that they could submit photos in Purdue gear and those pictures would be used to form the Motion “P” logo on the helmet when the Boilermakers host Iowa on Sept. 27. The logo will be displayed as a collage like we have seen recently on Gatorade and Pepsi bottles – among other advertising campaigns.

Chris Peludat, assistant athletic director for marketing and ticketing, said Wednesday the response from season ticket holders “was OK” but the plan was always to incorporate the students into the promotion.

“We’ve gotten some submissions but we always planned to have the students involved,” Peludat said. “We can make the photos any size we want but we wanted to have the students involved.”

When trying to trust your University into the modern age of uniforms, one would hope that the response would be much better than “okay”. In the modern age of social media, the first rule is “no one controls social media”.

This uniform stint that Purdue is pushing could potentially be an incredibly negative campaign. It doesn’t take much for something to hit social media and completely change the reputation of the campaign, with a football program that could hurt recruiting and the play on the field could suffer. Apparently this was something Purdue thought about, for over a year, and still went forward with it.

“We were looking at ideas to get the fans involved,” Peludat said. “We brought it back up at the end of the season and worked that into the plans. This year, we decided to do it.”

Of course there will be no “inappropriate” photos and anything the university deems inappropriate they have the right to leave off of the helmet.

“We think it will be a fun way to include the fans for the game, and coach (Darrell) Hazell and the football program was very supportive of doing it. We’re excited to see what it looks like,” Peludat said.

It is certainly something new and gets the fans involved, however the campaign itself is nothing new to the advertising world and is a cheap scheme pulled by a seemingly desperate university. Why Maryland and Oregon uniforms make so much noise is because they’re unlike anything anyone had seen before. Northwestern turned their basketball shorts over to their players, and although ugly, it was something that shows the university has their players interests at heart. THe idea of putting fans selfies on their helmet is neither a new idea nor includes the players in a real way. If I am a player of fan of the university I am embarrassed by the campaign and can’t see this ending well.

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