WVU Named 10 Dumbest Fan Bases, by Ignorant Guy Caught up in Losing His Job


WVU Named 10 Dumbest Fan Bases, by Ignorant Guy Caught up in Losing His Job

Roy G Edwards | August 8, 2013 | Morgantown, WV

First, let me explain the headline before we get too deep in to the pile of crap that is this article. Forbes magazine called “the journalist” the worst job in America, ahead of the coal miners that the man insulted. So to be fair the man is simply taking out his frustrations in having a terrible job that has no real upside.

Many of you read my articles and wonder, “what does Roy mean? Isn’t he a journalist?” Well, no. I do Work for Cumulus Media, however I enjoy the finer things in life so I actually work for an agency that is directly dependent on West Virginia. Without saying exactly where I work (although it wouldn’t be hard to find out), Obama is my boss. Many, like this poor writer who has more twitter followers than dollars he will most likely make in the next ten years, see West Virginia as the “Wal-Mart” or “Coal Mining” State. While it may be true that coalminers are a large part of West Virginia, it should also be noted that West Virginia has one of the worlds largest Pharmaceutical companies, Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Actually this company just happens to be in Morgantown, WV; the site of the same people that this writer (who obviously has never done an ounce of research in his poor paying career) says doesn’t own a passport and bangs their “second” cousin. Also the unemployment rate in Morgantown is one of the best in the country. In fact it’s one of the few areas in the country that have figured out how to stay employed (See for yourself). I believe he is wrong to attack the Mountaineer faithfuls, but it’s okay coming from someone who is a failed lawyer from Nashville, TN the home of the largest “Dukes of Hazard Museum”(as if that is something to be proud of) and an unemployment rate a full 2.3% above Morgantown, WV. I don’t know if you have been to Nashville, but below is a picture from my trip this summer. Beware, it’s classy.


So unless he is claiming his University as his stereotype, being from Nashville isn’t anything to be proud of. That is unless you enjoy being swarmed by homless people with no teeth and a guitar. By the way, not everyone in Nashville can play, it doesn’t take walking down Broadway more than once to figure that out. So he must be claiming his greatness from his University, correct?

Now hold on. Yes I went to West Virginia University and yes he insulted my writer, but that has nothing to do with the fact that George Washington University is a dog shit school. Let me explain a little more about my background. I was born in northwest Washington, DC (the site of George Washington University) in George Washington Hospital. I lived in Arlington, VA my entire life and my parents would threaten me by sending me to GW. “If you don’t get your grades up you’re going to GMU or worse, GW”! Terrifying I know. In fact GW has such a terribly small footprint in the Washington, DC surrounding community hardly anyone knows that it is even in Washington, DC. Many people think of it as a Virginia School standing behind Northern Virginia Community College in the rankings of the Common wealth state. George Washington, or GW, is bottom of the totem poll in athletics (if they even have a athletic department) yet someone gave this guy with a History degree from a crap University a sports writing job? Professional Journalism must be worse off than Forbes makes it out to be.

Also, he speaks of a certain writer who wrote about expansion. This writer actually happens to write for this site. His name is Chris “The Dude” Lambert and does happen to have multiple connections throughout the University and the upper office, but it must be hard to truly understand college sports having gone to George Washington University.

So all and all, why am I up in arms about the article? Well, I just think it is a little ridiculous when someone claims inaccuracies about something they have no way of understanding. I understand this guy thinks he is a well informed College Sports Journalist, but let’s get a few things clear here. Journalism is dead and it doesn’t take much to get a press pass and start your own site. I’m pretty sure I could do that. Also, how dead is it that “Top Ten Dumbest Fan Bases” is a topic of print? And what’s with calling out a writer of one of the smaller sites? Isn’t the little guy suppose to pick at the big fish? Someone appears to still have little man syndrome from graduating from the shit hole that is GW.

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Roy G Edwards is the lead writer for Sportsmancave.com and owner of SMC Media. A NHL and college basketball insider, Roy attacks sports from a sarcastic point of view. Born in Washington, DC he understands what it's like to lose, every year, with 22 different quarterbacks and counting.

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